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Skipped Back 5

October 6th, 2007


I've been thinking about my life, and life in general lately.  I may technically be an adult at 18, and I hear all the time..."grow up, think about how your gunna support yourself in the future, stop dreaming all the time and focus"  Why does everyone have to grow up so fast?  Why are we forced to stress about who we're gunna be in the future....I can answer that for most people, half if not more are gunna be overwhelmed with supporting what society calls their "ideal" way of living (big house, nice car, "perfect" money making spouse), at a job that doesn't even make them happy....or if it was the job that made them happy...it doesn't anymore because its not about being happy anymore, its about keeping your head above water.  I want to conclude with a quote that really opened my eyes today.

                "They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die, so make it worth watching"

October 4th, 2007

(no subject)

Today was pretty blah other than the fact that I finally got my hair cut by Goddess..::cough:: I mean Miss Gina.
 Everybody seemed to be in a bad mood.  And this dumb girl in class really gets on my nerves cuz shes so damn loud that I can't concentrate...and she like, belts stupid pop songs in her whiney singing voice...(we listen to music while we do our practicals)...o well I wont have to see her for maybe 8 weeks until she joins me in mod 2...arg, I just hope someone tells her to shut the hell up so I don't have to do it myself.

I was in a good mood till I found out I couldn't see Seth today, but I understand that shit comes up and theres nothing either of us can really do to help that...I just miss him....hahaha wow, it seems kinda pathetic to say that when I saw him just last night..but still....I just can't get enough of that silly kid.

heres the before and after of my haircut :)

October 1st, 2007

(no subject)

Well let's see.  I have been working at my new job at Pei Wei, and at first it was a bit overwhelming, and I kinda felt like everyone was using me as a pack mule "ALEX GET MORE CUPS!"..."ALEX WIPE MY ASS!!"....WOW, but work is much better now, I'm getting the hang of things and I gotta say it's soooo much better than McAlister's Deli ever was....I mean their so on top of everything and I have yet to encounter one refund, screwed up order, or bad manager.  The managers there are just SO dedicated to making everything PERFECT.

I'm so excited! This week will mark my last week in module 1.  I think were gunna be doing men's haircutting...LOOK OUT SETH!...hahaha.  There's a mixture of excitement and sadness....I'm excited that I'm gunna go into more advanced classes, and Miss Gina is gunna cut my hair!...one of the girls said Miss Gina cut her hair once and she said it was like heaven on her head lol, Friday is when shes gunna do it and Ill post a picture of it.....Ok with that said I'm very sad that I wont get to learn from Miss Gina anymore, it really felt like she was my buddy and I know in Mod 2 the teachers are kinda RAAAAR...and I'm also gunna miss my girls in Mod 1but they will soon follow me and join me in Mod 2.....OH and Mary Par is in Mod 2!!!!! I'll get to hang with her!! YAY.

Seth is my savior,  I never knew I could experience this level of happiness.  He is the first person that I ever thought could match my craziness, and let me tell you...that's what I've been trying to find for SO long.  I doubt I'll ever have to hear him say I'm childish, cuz quite frankly....we're a couple of 5 year olds....and if we wanna go to the playground, or on a creek hike, or spend too much time in the toy section of Wal-Mart...then we'll damn well do it! AND I JUST LOVE THAT

September 26th, 2007

Starting Fresh

I look back on my xanga and thought, "wow there is no way I could have kept all of those memories of my life in my head"...so I thought I would give blogs another try, besides, its nice to have a time machine.   so here goes...

This week we have been doing more advanced haircuts, and i gotta say, yesterday and today have been very stressful, today was a bit better cuz I got the haircut down, but still I was lagging behind a few girls..ugh, o well, practice makes perfect right?  Miss Gina saw how frustrated I was, and she reassured me that I'm only frustrated because I know I can do better, shes right....hahaha everyone calls her a god in class, but I mean, she is DAMN talented.

In other news...wow did I just say that?...O WELL, ok theres a new gentlemen in my life, aaaaaand he is beautiful, in all of the ways that count in my book, so you could say I am very happy with my life right now....hahaha just writing about him made me forget that I had a bad day....  :-D

September 25th, 2007

(no subject)


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